If you’re planning to move to a smaller home, you’ll need to also scale back your belongings – undoubtedly a challenging task, especially for collectors of memories or memorabilia.  To make the process less painful, here are a few tips to streamline the job and increase the likelihood of enjoying your new home.

1. Start with the Less Sentimental Items

Begin with belongings that allow you to remain objective. It could be clothing, linens or kitchen cookware. Once you’ve pared down these practical items, it will be easier to work on your sentimental pieces.

2. Work with the Big Stuff

Rather than sorting through boxes and not truly impacting your living space, instead select large items that matter, such as furniture. Once you know where you’re moving, try creating the floor plan to help determine what truly suits that space. By choosing the most important and appropriate pieces, you’ll be able to decide what can be eliminated.

3. Have a “Just In Case” Box

To deal with items that truly tug at your heart strings, regardless of whether or not you need them, allow yourself to keep a few of these special pieces in a box reserved for “just in case.” Plan a location to store that box as well as a timetable for retrieving it for a second look.  By having that box to store those selected items, it should make it easier to part with rest of the “unnecessary”.

4. Give It Away

It’s often easier to eliminate items when they’re specifically going to someone else. If your family members know you’re downsizing, try inviting them to select things they’d want. That way those sentimental items will continue to have a loving home while you’ll benefit from additional space. For other useful, but less personal articles, consider donating them to charities.

5. Sell It

It can be easier to eliminate belongings when you benefit monetarily.  Yard sales, garage sales or selling online through Etsy or eBay could be a good choice. Depending on what you’re discarding, you might recoup several hundreds of dollars which could make the “parting” much less painful.

Successfully working through these steps will inevitably increase your ability to enjoy that new and smaller home without the distraction of clutter. For additional information on how to make to move from a larger to a smaller home, feel free to contact me today for a consultation. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about selling your home, and/or help you find your next dream home.


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