Buying a new house can be one of the most exciting times in your life. Moving your household possessions to that new home, however, can be one of the most stressful events you’ll experience. Given that moving is difficult, at best, there are some steps to consider that can make the process easier.

Start planning your move early. The earlier you plan your move, the more time you’ll have to attend to the details and unexpected last-minute surprises.

Get rid of clutter. This means you’ll need to sort through your belongings and discard, sell or donate everything you don’t need, don’t want or will no longer use. Once the clutter has disappeared, packing will be easier, and you’ll be more likely to sell your old home quickly.

Gather your supplies. Start collecting boxes, tape, packing paper and markers as soon as possible. Once packing gets rolling, you don’t want to run out of those materials.

Inventory your possessions, list serial numbers, and note the condition of each item. Make a video or take photos of your larger and valuable items. Tracking your belongings will make it easier at your destination and help if you need to file an insurance claim.

Log your boxes and their contents. A handy new spiral notebook can be used to record, page-by-numbered-page, the contents of each box you pack.  Number boxes as you pack them to correspond to the same numbered page in your notebook. That way when you get to your new location, finding what you need will be a much simpler task.

Start packing as soon as you can. Anything you won’t need before you move can get boxed up and be stored. This helps with de-cluttering, and also reduces what you’ll need to do as the moving date draws near..

Enlist help from your friends and family for moving day. The more helping hands you have, the faster the progress and the quicker it’s over.

Consider hiring professionals. Moving companies provide many different services, including supplying and packing boxes, moving items, unpacking boxes at your new home and carting away the debris. You can select the services you want based on your budget, your available time, and/or how much you can physically accomplish. It absolutely costs more to hire professionals than do it yourself, but your time is valuable and the added expense may be the most practical and sensible solution for you and your family.

Though moving is a lot of hard work, it doesn’t have to be an awful experience if you plan ahead, enlist help, and do as much as you can in advance before the big day arrives. This will minimize the stress of moving, and hopefully, make this your easiest move yet!



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