The arrival of spring signals the time to schedule an appointment for a professional HVAC technician to visit your home and service your A/C unit in anticipation of the warmer weather.

Be sure to take advantage of professional guidance by asking your HVAC technician about the unique nature of your system and pointers on how to keep it functioning efficiently and reliably. For example, if you are unsure where the filters are located or what type of filter is right for your home, have the technician show you what works best and where. Moreover, keeping your HVAC system in efficient operating condition is important for anyone trying to sell a home, and will obviously be a concern for those folks buying a home as well.

If your unit seems to have a problem cooling your home, here are some things you might want to check:

-Make sure all outside equipment is clean and has free flow of air around it. 
-Verify your thermostat settings to be certain the temperature is properly selected.
-Examine the electrical panel to make sure there are no tripped breakers or blown fuses.
-Look for pools of water near the equipment which could indicate a blockage in the drainage tubes. Algae could be the culprit when obstructions occur and can be easily removed.
-If you notice frost or ice on any of the equipment, shut the system down and contact a professional to identify the cause and provide the remedy.

Malfunctions in air conditioning systems can be found in several different places. The exterior unit, the condenser, is where heat is expelled and refrigerant ultimately cools the inside via the evaporator coil.  If this unit fails or the refrigerant is lost, cooling problems will surface.

Filters are another potential point of failure. Air drawn in by the air conditioner for cooling passes through air filters to remove dust and other particulates. Dirty filters cause the system to work harder, resulting in less cooling, higher electricity bills and potential damage to the equipment.  This lower air flow can also cause the evaporator coils to ice-up and/or completely block air flow. Thus, filters should be checked and replaced every two to three months. Additionally, if you have pets, you may want to change them more frequently.

Regular preventative maintenance is the most reliable way to address any potential issues before they become expensive fixes that typically arise on the hottest days of the summer when functioning air conditioning is most needed and appreciated. So with warmer weather ahead, being proactive now will assure you one less thing to worry about later.  If you are planning to buy or sell a home this coming season in the Chicago North Shore, North or Northwest suburbs, please feel free to contact me today for a consultation. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have, help you to plan a home search and/or help you determine the value of your current home.

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