As homeowners we should be aware of the existence and dangers of mold in our homes and how to address the issue before it gets out of control.

A lot of times we are unaware that mold may be growing in the corners behind appliances after a water leak, or in the walls of our bathrooms without proper ventilation which is definitely a concern if you are looking to sell your home.

Steve Rodriguez, Columnist for Realty Times has outlined 6 important things to know about mold. Additional information about mold can also be found on the EPA and CDC websites.

1. Molds are everywhere and have been around forever.

2. Use common sense in your approach to mold.

3. You cannot spot the feared "Toxic" or "Black" mold simply by looking at it.

4. Most of the media attention surrounding Stachybotrys is overblown.

5. Mold can be cleaned and corrected.

6. Always get the home professionally inspected.

For a full description of each of these important things to know about mold, read Steve Rodriguez's article Mold Must Go: 6 Things to Know.

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