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Is it Time for a New Roof?

by Allyson Hoffman

When is it time to replace your roof on your North Shore Chicago home?  There are three main reasons for replacing roof shingles: the age of the roof, weather damage, and previously improperly installed roofing.

Start by taking the life expectancy of the type of shingle you currently have then subtracting for age, weathering and weather-related damage to see how many more years you may be able to get out of your roof before needing to replace it.

Roof shingles generally are supposed to last at least twenty years.  Some shingle manufacturers have products that last twenty-five or more years.  Take your standard twenty-year product and subtract the age of your current roof.  If you’re in a newer home, or you are the original owners of your home this is an easy number to get.  If there have been previous owners, or you are otherwise unable to determine the age of the roof, you will have to estimate.

Next, inspect for any physical evidence of damage.  Do your shingles show curling, severe hail damage, cracked flashing or sealer around vents and fireplace flues?  How about brittle shingles due to a southerly exposure?  What about damaged or rotting eves?  The condition of your current roof has a drastic impact on its remaining life expectancy.

Lastly, let’s not forget the obvious.  If your roof is leaking you can skip the process above.  A leak trumps everything else.  You’re going to need some repairs at a minimum, potentially much more.  Keep in mind even newer roofs, if improperly installed, can leak or lose shingles in gusting wind.  Have leaks checked out immediately.

Estimate how much time your home has with your current roof and if you are concerned you’re near the end of its life expectancy, speak only with qualified, experienced, licensed contractors when considering having work done.  You may even weigh the pros and cons of doing the job yourself.  Whatever your decision, don’t wait until you have that first leak.  At that point your repair bill , pardon the pun, is likely to go through the roof!

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The Art of Negotiation and What Your Dollars Really Mean When Selling

by Allyson Hoffman

If you have never sold a home before, here is something you may want to consider when determining the price you will accept.  First of all, it is important to understand that most real estate purchase contracts include a variety of contingencies that must be met in order for the transaction to close.  The most common of these contingencies are mortgage financing, attorney reviews and home inspections.  While mortgage financing contingencies will typically run for a period of about month allowing the prospective buyer time to obtain a mortgage, the attorney review and inspection contingences are typically much shorter and run concurrently.  Most will expire within a week of the contract acceptance date unless extensions to the time permitted are granted.  One of the biggest reasons that contracts fall through are the home inspections.  The vast portion of today's buyers will have home inspections and the vast portion of home inspections will result in a list of issues that need to be addressed and amicably resolved between the buyer and seller.  As a seller it is best to negotiate and expect that there will be a list of issues, hopefully minor and hopefully ones that can be resolved.  One good practice to consider would be to negotiate your contract price with the anticipation that there will be issues raised that will require the seller to make repairs or offer credits to the buyer to accept the problem.  Obviously, this type of occurrence impacts the seller's net.  Thus, it is prudent to plan for this when accepting a price and build into that price some slight padding so that when these issues surface, they can be handled without the feeling of loss of profit.  Insightful homesellers who plan ahead will then find themselves able to more easily reach agreement, resolve and dispel the buyer's inspection concerns without feeling squeezed.  So what your dollars really mean when selling will likely be determined only after an inspection has occurred, results of it are presented and a resolution between the principals is reached.  The old saying, "Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch,"  is applicable to most real estate transactions.  Those chickens can really only be counted after the inspection process has been completed!

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