The magic of growing, eating and preserving your own vegetables provides the added benefit of food that simply just tastes better.

So if you plan to start a backyard or kitchen garden this summer, but are a little concerned about the planting and caring for it, here are vegetables you can plant that are virtually foolproof.

Lettuces and Other Greens

Greens are incredibly simple to grow. Prepare your soil, either by tilling the ground or filling a container with good compost or potting soil, and then sow your seeds directly on the prepared soil. Finish by applying a little water and you will have ready-to-eat lettuces and greens in just a few weeks.


You’ll be shocked at just how easy these are to grow at home. Just like with lettuces and greens, all you’ll need is a little prepared soil, seed and water. Remember to keep the soil loose since radishes are root vegetables and grow best when they have a little room to expand.


Tomatoes take a bit longer to mature than lettuce, greens or radishes, but the wait is well worth the possibility of enjoying a perfectly red, white, purple, green or striped tomato. Tomato plants need daily attention, room to grow and typically, must be staked or caged to prevent the plant from falling over or splitting. If you plan to go organic, try planting basil around your tomatoes to discourage many pesky critters from enjoying your tomatoes before you do. Nothing beats a homegrown tomato and just a few plants can supply your whole family with a large supply.


Cucumbers can be trained to grow on trellises or you can just let them run wild.  Either way, they grow quickly and require daily harvesting once they really sprout. You might want to consider preserving them by pickling.

Squash and Zucchini

These plants require a bit more room than most since mature plants can easily span a five-foot diameter circle.  They should provide a rich bounty for very little effort. You may find that growing and harvesting these vegetable yields enough squash and zucchini to feed the entire neighborhood throughout the summer!

Gardening can be rewarding pastime. It can also reduce grocery bills while providing your family with healthy foods and give you an excuse to enjoy some fresh air each day. So if you are thinking of selling your home, a vegetable garden may add some bonus appeal to impress those prospective buyers. Contact me today for a consultation and I’ll be happy to help you determine the value of your home.

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