One question that has been surfacing with regularity relates to the benefit of preparing one's home for sale BEFORE putting it on the market.  It's great to think about this concept in advance of actually selling.  In today's market, the successful sellers are the ones who are offering the "most for the least."  Location continues to be an important criteria for success, enhancing demand and desirability.  But successful sellers are also those who have coupled extremely good pricing, extremely good condition & presentation, and superb marketing.  So addressing these concerns can be handled in a few ways. 

I could personally meet with you, look at your home and make recommendations or if you preferred to have a home stager (an accredited professional who is trained to assist homeowners in getting their homes in top showing condition), I can recommend someone to you.   This is a service that many Realtors provide to their prospective clients.  To arrange a time to meet with you or for a recommendation to a local home stager, please feel free to contact me by email or phone.  If you would simply like additional information about the home staging process, please feel free to visit:

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